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The DBM South-West Doubles League

Game Reports 2021

The complete absence of competitions, and even casual games, so far in 2021 resulted in severe withdrawal symptoms. Russ King suggested that we play solo games and exchange pictures, and so far I’ve played about 20 games, all with 350 points 25mm armies. I’ve had some “mini-tournaments” – each has four contemporary armies which all play each other. Here are pictures from some of those games.

West Franks v Vikings

Milanese v Medieval German

Spartan v Seleucid

Medieval German v Feudal French

Feudal English v Ayyubid Egyptian

Early Crusader v Syrian

Komnenan Byzantine v Sicilian

Ottoman v Later Hungarian

Middle Imperial Roman v Late Imperial Roman

The results of the “mini-tournaments” were as follows:

12th Century Tournament

Crusader 7       Syrian 3

Sicilian 7         Byzantine 3

Byzantine 7     Syrian 3

Crusader 10     Sicilian 0

Byzantine 9     Crusader 1

Sicilian 10       Syrian 0

1          Byzantine        19

2          Crusader          18

3          Sicilian            13

4          Syrian                6

13th Century Tournament

Germans 10                 French 0

English 7                     Germans 3

French 9                      Ayyubids 1

English 10                   Ayyubids 0

English 7                     French 3

Germans 9                   Ayyubids 1

1          English            24

2          Germans          22

3          French             12

4          Ayyubids          2

The Muslim armies didn’t do at all well – not much room to manoeuvre in 25mm games, where the knights tend to dominate.

An 11th century tournament, with all armies dated 1066 AD, is under way.

As an “extra” game I tried Seljuks v Early Crusaders, both dated 1122. The Crusaders had all the luck and won 10-0.

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